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He's the founder of Rendition Infosec, a security consultancy based in Augusta, Georgia.He's also an instructor at the SANS Institute and a former operator with the NSA's Tailored Access Operations unit.

On Wednesday, however, an application filed by Smith for PSIO against a third man, George Stewart, a Canberra-based consultant, was withdrawn after consideration by the court.Smith describes himself as a world renowned cybersecurity expert with 21 years of experience and a strong record of investigating online schemes, ranging from fraud to dating scams to stalking.Since August, Smith has applied for Personal Safety Intervention Orders in the state of Victoria against three men, two of whom actively work in cybersecurity roles and the other a network administrator who dabbles in IT security.A PSIO is essentially a restraining order that forbids certain kinds of contact with the applicant.One of the men, Geoff Ellis of Brisbane, says he received a restraining order after finding security vulnerabilities in Smith's mobile apps.

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